Bellesoma Pre-Operative Planning Software

The use of the Bellesoma 3D pre-operative planning software is a significant improvement to how traditional breast lift and breast reduction surgery is performed.

Traditional techniques utilize subjective criteria when making pre-operative surgical decisions. The Bellesoma Method is the next generation in breast lift and breast reduction surgery because it bases pre-operative surgical decisions on quantitative metrics rooted in bio-physics and engineering principles.

Prior to surgery, the Bellesoma software utilizes 3D scanning technology to calculate specific measurements and volumes of each breast. Utilizing these values, a custom “surgical blueprint” is computed specific to each patient’s anatomy and surgical goals.

The custom blueprint and our innovative surgical technique are what allow your surgeon to “rebuild” your new breasts and achieve the outstanding results the Bellesoma Method can provide.

Bellesoma provides fullness in the upper portion of the breast without using implants. It does so by re-positioning and reshaping a woman’s existing breast tissue high up on the chest wall. These new breasts structures are then secured with over 15 attachment points per side to the respective pec-major muscle. This level of security and strength will help retain your results longer than traditional breast lift and breast reduction methods. Also, if you had back, neck, or shoulder pain prior to surgery, transferring your breast weight from your skin to your chest muscle should help alleviate this pain.

The Bellesoma software and surgery truly “engineer” a customized solution to meet a patient’s specific needs.