Breast Reduction


Have you considered a breast reduction but put it off after learning about the tradeoffs?

Women often choose a breast reduction to alleviate chronic pain, find clothing that fits, avoid unwanted attention and improve their overall self-esteem.

If you have considered traditional breast reduction techniques, but have concerns over the unsightly vertical scars and poor post-operative shape, you may want to consider the innovative Bellesoma™ technology.


How is Bellesoma™ different?

  • Uses proprietary 3D imaging software to develop a custom surgical plan for each patient
  • While there isn’t a scarless breast reduction, this technique does not produce an unsightly vertical scar – scars can be concealed around the areola and in the crease of the breast
  • Transfers the weight of the breast to the chest muscle which may provide relief of back, neck, and shoulder pain – massive reduction not required for pain relief
  • Lifts and shapes the breast using an internal suspension technique resulting in a beautiful post-surgical appearance
  • May preserve the ability to breast feed