Congratulations Dr. Riolo


We are pleased to announce that Kaye Riolo, MD, FACS is the newest doctor to be certified in the Bellesoma Method. Dr. Riolo has the distinction of being our first female surgeon and her perspective has been outstanding to our development. Dr. Riolo’s practice is based in Fresno, California and draws from patients from many parts of the state due to her 36 years of experience and expertise.

Dr. Riolo’s enthusiasm for Bellesoma can best be summed up by her: “I am very excited to bring Bellesoma into my practice. I have long been bothered by the concept of placing an implant to fill the deflated upper pole of the aging breast, while at the same time removing tissue at the bottom that was too saggy. Now when a woman says to me “I just want what I used to have”, I can reposition her existing volume in the full and perky position that previously required an implant.

This is a new, revolutionary procedure in the field of plastic surgery. As with all procedures, not everyone is a candidate. However, many women will be able to have that full, round, perky look we all strive for with expensive uncomfortable bras and instead now look great in sundresses and swimsuits.

I am honored to be among the first handful of surgeons trained in the technique, and the first woman plastic surgeon. As a woman, I appreciate the issues of maintaining that youthful appearance, in and out of clothing. Bellesoma is going to change the face of plastic surgery, and it can be life changing for individual women as well.”

To learn more about Dr. Riolo and the Bellesoma Method, you can visit her website at or call (559) 256-7700.